4: How to appraise & determine value for all that “STUFF,” Megan Mahn Miller MPPA

How to appraise & determine value for all that “STUFF,” Megan Mahn Miller MPPA & Ane Nouri, Appraisers discuss best practices and challenges for determing the value of personal assets and collections, as well as qualificationss for hiring the right professional.

Discussion Topics:

1.What does an appraiser do?
Value assets for: estates, insurance, asset separation, business liquidation…
2.People tell me they are confused about value.  How can one item have multiple values?
Value Catagories (Fair Market Value, Market Value, Retail Replacement value, partial loss value). 
3.What should people look for in an appraiser?
4.What if I just want to know what my item is worth?
Why you may not need a full appraisalUsually looking to sell if the item has valueTalk to an auctioneer who specializes in those assets
5.What are resources for people who want to research what their property is worth
Price, Cost, ValueEbay and other platforms  
Megan Mahn Miller is an appraisal expert specializing in celebrity and rock n roll memorabilia, as well as unique difficult-to-value items. Her work includes valuing assets and consultation with celebrities, institutions, and heirs throughout the United States. Learn more about Megan Mahn Miller and Mahn Miller Collective, Inc. at www.mahnmiller.com.


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