5: Your Finances, Wealth & Downsizing, David Kassir & Anne Nouri

Your Finances, Wealth & Downsizing, David Kassir & Anne Nouri

What does a home downsizing look like?

Is it better to Buy or Rent while considering Downsizing?  Which is a better method?

When is the right time to work with a Financial Advisor ?

“I would like to continue working, how will that affect my retirement”?

We are considering selling our home what are the right steps to Downsizing?
Are there are major tax considerations in Downsizing?

David D. Kassir, AAMS, CMFC  

With over 25 years of experience in private wealth management, David is dedicated to helping individuals meet their financial needs by developing investment plans and retirement plans around their long-term goals and risk tolerance. His extensive experience – throughout major shifts in the markets – enables him to help clients structure a  balanced portfolio to address their specific financial goals..


David D. Kassir, AAMS, CMFC      Managing Director – Private Wealth Management.      dkassir@mannawealthmanagement.com


Contact: Anne@TheDownsizingCoach.com or visit  www.TheDownsizingCoach.com




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